The Fifth (2021)

  1. Too Nice
  2. Hypnotized
  3. Love On You
  4. This Ain’t That Song
  5. Cain & Abel’s Cove
  6. The Tunnel
  7. More Fun
  8. A Little While

Cole For Your Stocking (2019)

  1. Can’t Take Back My Love
  2. Love You Into Christmas
  3. Christmas Shoppin’ Again
  4. Feels Like Christmas
  5. If I Had The Money
  6. The Christmas

Everyday Livin’ (2018 Single)

This is Isaac’s most current single and is not available on any CD yet.  Isaac is currently using the proceeds from the sale of Everyday Livin’ to help fund his next recording, and he has a lot of songs waiting to be recorded!

As a special Thanks, Isaac is including a Free Download of his parody song Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers Everyday!


I’m Your Huckleberry (2016)

  1. I’m Your Man
  2. More Than Alright
  3. Camden Bridge
  4. Battlefield
  5. It’s Alright Now
  6. If You Believe It
  7. Where He Needs Her
  8. Where to Find Me
  9. You Matter
  10. Countryfied

Just A Kid (2014)

  1. Cowboy Boots in Heaven
  2. I’m Just a Kid
  3. 3 Chords and The Truth
  4. Double Dose of Country
  5. Lend a Hand

Country Boy (2012)

  1. God’s a Country Boy Too
  2. Faster Than a Tear Drop
  3. Ordinary Man
  4. I’ve Got a Home
  5. Granny’s Gonna Run
  6. Pray For the Fish
  7. Daddy Taught Me
  8. Livin By The Book
  9. Take the Ride
  10. Faith